FE3H Perfect Teatime Standees

FE3H Perfect Teatime Standees

$0.01 USD - $20.00 USDOn sale

Prices have been lowered to make room for new things!! πŸ‘€
I will open preorders for these one last time when I can. But after that, I will be discontinuing these! I hope you like their time skip designs! >:3c

***You must order two characters!!!***
Each pair comes with a couple base and a table set while each odd character comes with an individual character base!

If you would like a stand alone base to use for one character, please be sure to add it to the cart! I only have a few left and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Characters ~ 3 inches tall
Couple Base 5 1/2 inches wide
Tea table a little more than an inch wide

Enjoy teatime with your favorite FE3H characters!
Talk to them, feed them, stare deep into their souls...
Do everything and more!! :'D

Fire Emblem Three Houses Perfect Teatime Stand / Standee

FE3H Perfect Teatime Standees Image 2 FE3H Perfect Teatime Standees Image 3 FE3H Perfect Teatime Standees Image 4
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