PREORDER | TMGC Linked Charms

PREORDER | TMGC Linked Charms

$12.00 USD

Charms should be in within three months at most but please keep in mind that delays are always possible. I will keep you updated on twitter (@jyahm_)
If you order a preorder item with already available items, everything will be shipped together when the preorder items arrive!! If you need an available item soon, please order them separately from the preorders.

Double sided acrylic charms!
Epoxy on one side

Each acrylic piece is 2cm tall, which should make them the perfect size for your poopy companion!

Tamagotchi charms! Guaranteed not to be needy or to leave poos in your precious living room!

PREORDER | TMGC Linked Charms Image 2 PREORDER | TMGC Linked Charms Image 3
PREORDER | Genshin Impact Linked Charms
$12.00 USD
PREORDER | Linked to Seafoam Acrylic Charm
$12.00 USD
PREORDER | Chainsaw Man Acrylic Charm
$10.00 USD
$15.00 USD
Timeskip Teatime Standees
$15.00 USD — Sold out
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