Timeskip Teatime Standees

Timeskip Teatime Standees

$15.00 USDSold out

Double sided acrylic standees for all your timeskip tea time needs!

Characters are about 8cm tall
The bases are made to fit together but also to be on it’s own if you just wanted to have teatime with one character!! :D

Each character comes with a table set

Fire Emblem Three Houses / FE3H Timeskip Perfect Teatime Standees

Timeskip Teatime Standees Image 2 Timeskip Teatime Standees Image 3 Timeskip Teatime Standees Image 4
Spy x Family Linked Charm
$12.00 USD
Innocent Sticker / Acrylic charm
$3.00 USD - $12.00 USD
YEA SONIC Acrylic Charms / Stickers
$3.00 USD - $60.00 USD
HoloEN Stickers / Acrylic Charms
$3.00 USD - $12.00 USD
Seafoam Sugar Acrylic Charms
$12.00 USD - $30.00 USD
Ham Charms
$12.00 USD
Oops Only Barbara
$12.00 USD
Snoozer Linked Charm
$12.00 USD
Linked to Seafoam Acrylic Charm
$12.00 USD — Sold out
TMGC Linked Charms
$12.00 USD
Chainsaw Man Acrylic Charm
$10.00 USD - $30.00 USD
$15.00 USD
Sans & Papyrus Standee
$15.00 USD — Sold out
Just Married / Claudeth Acrylic Charm
$13.00 USD — Sold out
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